Jason (pants_r_good) wrote,


This journal is now friends-only...

You decide if I'm worth getting to know and I will do the same.
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Im interested.
Back at ya... :)


13 years ago

You'd best not be cutting anyone from your Friends List. :P
Me?!? Never!! Not the pretty ones, at least... :)


13 years ago


13 years ago

Jason! This is Stacia. Add me. Or else.
Done, sexy. Welcome to my life :P
So since I'm not on your friends list anymore - does that make me NOT one of the pretty ones?!


I hope you remember me, i'm friends with Seth and Allison, I'm in Singers with her...but I didn't even know you had a live journal! I'll add you to my friends list, if you wanna add me that is cool too! see ya around :)
Of course I will silly!! :)
hey..it's rob...as in corey and sarah's friend rob..and various other people's friend rob..heh..

i'm adding you, assuming that's acceptable. :-p
Or does jason look like he's posing for playgirl?
Just you...are you jealous? :P

Re: Is it just me?


12 years ago


November 30 2004, 19:53:56 UTC 13 years ago

do you like fat boys? i heard you like fat boys...
hey whats up! dont know u, would like to get to know u. well just saying hey!!
Oo OO i'm a friend! pick me, pick me! :-D
your writing is real, your pictures are alive. can i be added to explore your digital world a little more, please?
Ran across your journal through others, you sound cool. Thought I'd friend you, see if you friend back. Beat the heat, baby. -Cass
jason. it's high time that i friended you.
so i'm doing it. :)
jason!!! i think you should add me to the good ole friends list!!! oh...its tobie, btw.