Jason (pants_r_good) wrote,

Back home again...

As I head home to Fort Wayne today, I realize just how much time I've spent in Muncie this past year, and more importantly, just how little time I've spent with my family and those friends which I have known the longest. It's very hard to try and meet several time commitments everyday, especially when all of those time commitments are in another city from where your family and friends are located. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people and things in Muncie that make it worth coming back to, but still...it's nice to get the short break. Here's a small list of the reasons why it's good to get out of Muncie:

- No more temptation to use my new vacuum cleaner ONCE AGAIN to pick up dirt that isn't there. (That thing is sooooooo fun to use).

- No worries about RL trying to call me in to work...I have a legitimate excuse (F U seafood).

- A much-needed break from the kitten with NEVER-ENDING energy (who also likes to tear up my arms, legs, neck, furniture, desk, magazines, trash cans, pillows, chairs, blankets, boxes, couches, TV stands, shirts, pants, underwear - when i wear it :P, speakers, candles, posters, computers, and lighters - whoa scary.)

- Muncie water, which is a danger unto itself to drink.

- Muncie people (who may be the salt of the earth, but GOD that is some nasty salt with race car hats and mullets).

- Leaving my house and going to one with NO CREAKS IN THE FLOOR (Lord I HATE creaks in floors)

- Leaving a 4-foot pool in Muncie that is 150 feet away and going to use my sisters 8-foot pool at her house.

- No ANNOYING customers to deal with and no OLD PEOPLE for me to wait on (well, there are PLENTY of old people in Fort Wayne, but at least this time I can hit the gas and run over them...ok maybe not).

- A break from some self-invented "detectives" I know

- A chance to finally figure out what the heck is wrong with this computer and Internet Explorer (and I have steel-toed boots at home in case some serious kicking is required).

- Heading to Glenbrook Mall and Jefferson Pointe to look through a wider selection of clothing stores...and perhaps goodwill stores...for a certain person's upcoming birthday.

- A chance to see friends that have threatened to KILL ME if I did not appear on their doorstep within the next 24 hours (aww...that's really missing me, in a scary/homicidal way).

- A chance to get my oil changed by someone with a higher IQ than teeth in their mouth (no offense Muncie mechanics, but WHOA).

And last, but not least, a chance to spend money...period.

Have a wonderful Thursday.
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