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Time for a breather...

Well, 11,346 words and 57 pages later and my three nights of paper writing HELL are now over.  My head and hair have lost their feeling for a record 13.5 hours and counting.  You could literally drop anything on the top of my head right now and I wouldn't feel a thing.  Oh who am I kidding, that's nothing new...

So I realized today that I flirt way too much with the people that I encounter everyday.  I think I do it for the simple excitement and spontaneous connection that it allows me to have with others.  I have found as of late, however, that my innocent flirting might be hurting others who put much more into it.  I'm sorry, I'll be a good boy from now on :-P ...

For anyone who is unsure how to regain a lost friendship that you want back in your life, just be honest and apologize.  This is a valuable lesson that I have learned lately.

It's really hard to determine whether or not someone has special feelings for you.  I have found that this can be particularly true when you have never talked to that person before, haha.

While I would never want to remain the Midwest for any longer than I have to, I have found certain reasons for Ohio to look tempting as of late...

Enough of this random silliness.

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