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Back from Florida, Into the Shitstorm of Indiana...

Well folks, I'm back from Florida...rested, burnt, and still harboring a deep sense of contempt for Indiana.  I really should stop taking trips to fair-weathered, beautiful places because each time I do, I am reminded more and more of just how sad, drab, and yucky a place such as Muncie, Indiana actually is.  Nonetheless, this trip provided me with a great opportunity to leave behind all of the stress and deadlines that work and school constantly place upon me.  It was great being able to go with Laura </a>(umm...sorry, I don't know how to link your journal to your name Laura, :\) because I didn't feel rushed or pressured to do a bunch of things that I didn't want to.  She and I got the opportunity to talk about a variety of things dealing with life in general.  Yes, we got our mad philisophical thinking skillz on...  Anyway, without further interruption, here are a few of the pictures that resulted from the trip...


How would you like to wake up every morning and see this out of your balcony window?

Yeah, this was the beach...

Laura and I getting ready to go parasailing.  Tip for future male parasail-ers: make sure you have PLENTY of room in the harness or else...well...a few important items might be damaged.

We're going up!!

Still going up...

Jason: "Haha, I just farted, but lucky you, it's windy up here!"
Laura: "Too bad the wind is going in my direction, you bastard."

Talk about getting drill bits for nipples in that cold water....burrrrrrr....

Yes, even YOU can turn this red...just lay out in the sun for 4 hours straight!!

Damn you Sun for cooking me alive!!

I HAD an awesome henna tatoo placed on my arm, keyword being HAD...sunburns have a funny way of peeling off a bunch of layers of skin.  At least Laura still has hers, for a while.

My personal favorite, my many sunset pictures:

And my personal favorite picture of the trip:

Talk at ya later!!

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